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A certain age difference is present in most relationships. As a rule, a man is older than a woman. Thats the way it is. It is in our nature. But in the current feminist gender madness of our society this is even criticized. The reason for the criticism is ridiculous. But just watch the upcoming video yourself and let me know what you think. Men dont want older women. Why is that? Of course, its sexism again. Even the 78-year-old Heidi, who has a column at the Süddeutsche Zeitung, thinks so. Of course, this woman can think what she wants. The problem, however, is that this opinion is now very widespread in our society. Injustice against women is seen everywhere. For every inequality men are accused. But one thing has been absolutely lost from perspective. Yes, there are age differences among couples. And yes, in most partnerships the man is older than the woman. I do not contradict that at all. But the reasons for this do not lie in sexism. I explain the true reasons in this video. Have fun. In her article, the 78-year-old columnist of the Süddeutsche Zeitung magazine, is upset about the oh so terrible social grievance that in so many relationships men are much older than women. This article was sent to me by one of my followers. A good topic on which I would like to tell you my opinion. I find it frightening that this 78-year-old woman has still learned nothing and seems to draw her wisdom from the current mainstream media. In the following I will quote and comment some passages from her article. The age difference of the couples shows the social inequality ? What makes me furiously angry is social inequality. How often do you see young men with old women strolling arm in arm out of the opera? Exactly. I want equal rights for all. There is no social inequality. Both sexes have complete freedom of choice as to whom they choose to partner. Women freely choose men about ten years older. The opposite is rather unusual and can already be called a fetish. Because it does not correspond to our nature. Women choose men with a high status, a higher wealth of experience and a higher intelligence. I explain the topic in more detail in my video Relationship at eye level? Its already clear. If there is a woman who would like it to be different - please. Nobody prevents her from catching a young lover when she finds someone who likes her. Of course there is. Everything that makes older men so desirable - wisdom, maturity, inner peace - older women have just as much. Its true. Older women have more wisdom, maturity and inner peace than younger women. But what women find attractive about men is of very little interest to men about women. Men find women interesting who radiate youthfulness. The sexes react to various key stimuli. The fact that relationships with great age differences only occur in one way must therefore be due solely to role models and ideals of beauty. And that is the mistake that many people, especially feminists, make nowadays. Everything is seen as a consequence of social constructs. Biology is ignored. Strangely enough, this social construct takes place in the same way in all cultures all over the world. Who can show me a culture in which it is the norm for a woman to marry a younger man and endure him? That doesnt exist.

Old men with young girls in VR

How can it be that grey strands are attractive to men and are a reason for women to ask if they would like to go to the hairdressers? It is so unfair. It is quite simple. Grey strands show experience with a man. And women find that attractive. And in a woman, grey strands symbolize age, which men find repulsive. Yes, nature is unjust. It is also not fair that men are always under pressure to be the better earners and to constantly fight for a high social status. Society behaves as if there was an expiration date on womens forehead. And that is quickly exceeded. Thats terrible. It does. The woman has a sell-by date, and that has to do with her fertility. When a woman is no longer fertile, she is biologically uninteresting to the man. Thats why nature has also established that women age much more drastically than men, and very quickly become less attractive than men. Look at 40 year old men. Most men are still super attractive at 40, even for young women. With me, for example, you dont see such big signs of old age yet. They are also not so disturbing for the optics. And then take a look at 40 year old women. The nature wants to say men with it Leave the fingers of it. This woman can give you no more descendants. A man however can give descendants to a woman up to high age. Exactly therefore it is completely all the same, how old the man is, and not at all all all the same, how old the woman is.

If the age difference goes in the other direction

I was so angry about the headlines about Emmanuel Macron and his wife Brigitte. This woman has more style in her little finger than most women can train in a lifetime. Whether a woman has style or not is completely irrelevant to biological reproduction. This is why it is so unusual for a man to be with an older woman. And if something is rare, then people wonder about it. If youre also a prominent couple, the media like to jump at this story. Its just as unusual when two people of different races are together. For example, you rarely see a black man with a white woman together. It happens, but its rare. Love develops completely organically and naturally. When looking for a partner, we simply follow our preferences. And these are such that a certain age difference between man and woman is the norm. If a man is into older women or a woman into younger men, then only towards. There are no restrictions in our society. Whether young, old, black, white, tall, small, hetero, homosexual, transsexual, monogamous, polygamous - nowadays you can live anything you want.

What is your opinion about the age difference between women and men?

As always, I am also interested in your opinion and your experience on this subject. How big is the age difference between you and your girlfriend? Could you imagine being with an older woman, or have you even been with one? Write to me in the comments below.

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